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Hazelnut and Cashew Butter, 1kg

Our special butter mix is made by roasting and grinding blanched, dry roasted almond and cashew nuts until they are wonderfully creamy. Our secret to this great tasting product is in our dry roasting. We are confident you are going to love this rich and creamy butter mix.

  • Made of  100% nuts
  • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly 
  • High in protein and good fats 
  • Without added sugars, salt, palm oil, GMO 
  • Without additive and preservative
  • Made in Lithuania
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Hazelnut and Cashew cream.

Ingredients: 50% roasted hazelnuts, 50% roasted cashew nuts

Allergens: Hazelnut and Cashew nuts. There may be other traces of nuts.

During storage, naturally occurring nut oil may settle on the surface of the product - a natural process that does not alter the properties of the product (mix before use).

Storage conditions: Store at +2 - +25 C in a dry and dark place.

Best before: 6 months, shipped with minimum 3/4 shelf life.

Energy value per 100g: 2707kJ. (654kcal.), Fat 56g. (of which: total saturated fatty acids - 6.3g), carbohydrates 19g (of which: total sugars - 2.6g), dietary fiber 2.9g, protein 17g, salt <0.0g.

Recommendations for use:

Delicious tasting one, great companion to coffee or tea.
Even tastier to eat is spread on an apple or pear slice, banana, pineapple or strawberry - or just on everyday white bread.
For those who like to make milkshakes or baked goods, this is the perfect ingredient to give your flavors a new character.
Whirling in the kitchen is no stranger to you? Prepare sauces, seasonings, pickles with nut cream filling.

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